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This is my blog and it will feature all sorts of geeky love <3

Cosplay <3 Magic The Gathering <3 gaming <3 anime and manga <3 comics <3 Game of "oh my god I'm obsessed" Thrones <3 all things fantastical <3 and also HORSES <3


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Hey Tumblr! 
I’d like to show you something that is very close to my heart :D

This is part of my Magic: The Gathering collection.
Every single printed Planeswalker (to date) and all their art variations. (about 50% of which are foil)
I’ve been playing Magic for 5 years and I adore it. I love the game, the world, the story, the flavour and most of all the art. I am a super casual player, mostly just collecting and EDH :) 
I have other collections on, but this probably my favourite (followed closely by the Portal 3 Kingdoms one that is on the go~)
Also me at the end with my fav girl, signed by the most awesome man, Steve Argyle, himself. I am hoping to cosplay her soon! <3
(I don’t usually post photos of myself not in cosplay XD derp)