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This is my blog and it will feature all sorts of geeky love <3

Cosplay <3 Magic The Gathering <3 gaming <3 anime and manga <3 comics <3 Game of "oh my god I'm obsessed" Thrones <3 all things fantastical <3 and also HORSES <3


Links below for specific goodness :D

My cosplay <3

Magic The Gathering <3

My Photography <3

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3D Cosplay - Autostereograms

No glasses needed! Two near-identical shots taken side by side, view by crossing your eyes until the two overlap - if this hurts try sitting further back or making the image smaller - it can take some practice but is awesome when it works!

Another shot of my Jace cosplay by the amazingly talented Nert 

Female Jace Beleren - Magic the Gathering

Cosplayer: eternal0aranel 

Design inspired by the wonderful art of makimonstrous and polishtamales