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My cosplay <3

Magic The Gathering <3

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Hey guys been a while ;)
Thought I’d share some awesome new photos of my female Jace!

Cosplayer: Aranel Cosplay
osplay: Jace Beleren (Rule 63)
Magic The Gathering
Photos by: The Kirky Studio

Costume made by me! With the help of some amazing artists on tumblr (http://makimonstrous.tumblr.com/ and http://polishtamales.tumblr.com/) I got ideas for a design and then I created this costume!
Tribute to my fav Planeswalker <3

We were trying to imitate the original Lorwyn card art by the talented Aleksi Briclot, and in the last picture you can see me with my Jace collection. I might do an update entry of my Planeswalker collection soon!

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Aranel Cosplay