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My cosplay <3

Magic The Gathering <3

My Photography <3

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I wanted to show you this! The evolution of my Amaterasu cosplay.
2009, 2010 and 2014. Same base costume, small little improvements from makeup to wig styling to general presentation.

Okami is something in my life that really makes my heart swell. Its the game I put on when everything is awful and I don’t want to face the world. It brings me such simple joy  I keep coming back to this cosplay as it’s pretty much the physical representation of my deep love for this game….and I just can’t get it right XD
The lesson is that if you love something enough you will never be happy with a tribute you make for it, no matter what everyone else says! And that is perfectly okay  As you grow as a artist and a person you can always revisit it with new skills! It’s something that should never have an expiry date
I’ll post more of my new costume soon!


Mara Jade inspired

Cosplayer - Me!  (FacebookTumblr)

Photography -  Mark Keenan Photography

May the 4th be with you


Newcastle Film And Comic Con Mar 2014

Marceline - Adventure Time

Cosplayer:Aranel Cosplay [facebook] [twitter]


You can find more photos at

[Tumblr][Facebook][Twitter] [Flickr]

Some of my Marcy photos!


Gender swapped Auron - FFX

Cosplayer - Aranel Cosplay (Facebook, Tumblr)

Photography - Myself (Digital Rogue Photography)

More Auron? More Auron :D
Happy FFX HD playing ;)

Some teasers from an awesome Liliana shoot I had!
Look out for more soon ;)

Liliana of the Veil cosplay made and modeled by me (Aranel Cosplay)
hotos by the ever awesome Mark Keenan Photography

Hey guys been a while ;)
Thought I’d share some awesome new photos of my female Jace!

Cosplayer: Aranel Cosplay
osplay: Jace Beleren (Rule 63)
Magic The Gathering
Photos by: The Kirky Studio

Costume made by me! With the help of some amazing artists on tumblr (http://makimonstrous.tumblr.com/ and http://polishtamales.tumblr.com/) I got ideas for a design and then I created this costume!
Tribute to my fav Planeswalker <3

We were trying to imitate the original Lorwyn card art by the talented Aleksi Briclot, and in the last picture you can see me with my Jace collection. I might do an update entry of my Planeswalker collection soon!

See more pictures (and more cosplays) please check out my Facebook page:
Aranel Cosplay

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Happy Valentines day ;)


(I promise I will be more active XD)

Finally got to do a proper shoot of my first comic book lady love <3
Death of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s amazing Sandman.
I did her classic look as well as my own inspired Victorian style :D
To celebrate #1 of Sandman Overture <3

To see more cosplay photos and progress check here: Aranel Cosplay
Photo’s by: Digitalpict Photography

Wooo! Photo’s of my female Auron from Final Fantasy X

Really super happy with this! Was awesome to cosplay my fav badass from Final Fantasy! 

See progress and more photos at my FB page: Aranel 

Photos by  J Andrew: Film and Photography 


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@eternal_aranel auron and kimahri bros 4 lyfe #cosplay #finalfantasy #ffx #kimahri #auron

Literally my fav photo of the weekend.

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Make up test for my female Auron from Final Fantasy X

Quite happy! Can’t wait for the group!

See more progress and cosplay at my FB page: Aranel 

Lame story time. I’ve always been a bit on an introvert and quite a nervous person. I really don’t like large crowds which sometimes makes conventions hard for me and I prefer to sit quietly on my own. I’ve always had and loved books every since I can remember. Big epic fantasy sagas. I’ve read them all. LotR remains 1st in my heart. I really can’t put into words what this story means to me… it helped me through difficult times in my teens. I’m so glad I finally got a chance to make a cosplay from it and combine 2 things that have helped me be a lot more confident in myself. 
Thank you once again for dealing with my lameness XD

Photo by ann-margaretphotos

Luthien Tinuviel - Lord of the Rings/ Tolkien Universe cosplay made and worn by meAranel 



It’s a me, Mario! The wonderful Aranel as Female Mario. 

Taken at the 2013 Glasgow Comic Con in the CCA, Glasgow.

More of my cosplay: Aranel Cosplay 


Aranel as Poison Ivy. http://eternal0aranel.tumblr.com/

Some awesome photos of my Dr. Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley cosplay take by a super lovely lady <3
I wanted to try and catch the moment where she transformed :) (also it was just far too hot to body paint up!)

More of my cosplay: Aranel Cosplay 

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Cosplay for Glasgow Comic-con!

Dr Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley Progress! I am really digging this as it lets me combine my cosplay and my science together (I work in a research lab FYI)
Please excuse my very ill make-up-less face ><
I might or might not “green up” Its ridiculously hot in Scotland atm….I might melt.  Also I am judging the cosplay competition so I’d rather be comfy :)

~Aranel Cosplay < for more :) Including the Kotobukiya Bishoujo figure version of Ivy I cosplayed last year :)