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Links below for specific goodness :D

My cosplay <3

Magic The Gathering <3

My Photography <3


Gender swapped Auron - FFX

Cosplayer - Aranel Cosplay (Facebook, Tumblr)

Photography - Myself (Digital Rogue Photography)

More Auron? More Auron :D
Happy FFX HD playing ;)

Some teasers from an awesome Liliana shoot I had!
Look out for more soon ;)

Liliana of the Veil cosplay made and modeled by me (Aranel Cosplay)
hotos by the ever awesome Mark Keenan Photography

Hey guys been a while ;)
Thought I’d share some awesome new photos of my female Jace!

Cosplayer: Aranel Cosplay
osplay: Jace Beleren (Rule 63)
Magic The Gathering
Photos by: The Kirky Studio

Costume made by me! With the help of some amazing artists on tumblr (http://makimonstrous.tumblr.com/ and http://polishtamales.tumblr.com/) I got ideas for a design and then I created this costume!
Tribute to my fav Planeswalker <3

We were trying to imitate the original Lorwyn card art by the talented Aleksi Briclot, and in the last picture you can see me with my Jace collection. I might do an update entry of my Planeswalker collection soon!

See more pictures (and more cosplays) please check out my Facebook page:
Aranel Cosplay

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Happy Valentines day ;)


(I promise I will be more active XD)

Finally got to do a proper shoot of my first comic book lady love <3
Death of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s amazing Sandman.
I did her classic look as well as my own inspired Victorian style :D
To celebrate #1 of Sandman Overture <3

To see more cosplay photos and progress check here: Aranel Cosplay
Photo’s by: Digitalpict Photography

Wooo! Photo’s of my female Auron from Final Fantasy X

Really super happy with this! Was awesome to cosplay my fav badass from Final Fantasy! 

See progress and more photos at my FB page: Aranel 

Photos by  J Andrew: Film and Photography 


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@eternal_aranel auron and kimahri bros 4 lyfe #cosplay #finalfantasy #ffx #kimahri #auron

Literally my fav photo of the weekend.

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Make up test for my female Auron from Final Fantasy X

Quite happy! Can’t wait for the group!

See more progress and cosplay at my FB page: Aranel 

Lame story time. I’ve always been a bit on an introvert and quite a nervous person. I really don’t like large crowds which sometimes makes conventions hard for me and I prefer to sit quietly on my own. I’ve always had and loved books every since I can remember. Big epic fantasy sagas. I’ve read them all. LotR remains 1st in my heart. I really can’t put into words what this story means to me… it helped me through difficult times in my teens. I’m so glad I finally got a chance to make a cosplay from it and combine 2 things that have helped me be a lot more confident in myself. 
Thank you once again for dealing with my lameness XD

Photo by ann-margaretphotos

Luthien Tinuviel - Lord of the Rings/ Tolkien Universe cosplay made and worn by meAranel 



It’s a me, Mario! The wonderful Aranel as Female Mario. 

Taken at the 2013 Glasgow Comic Con in the CCA, Glasgow.

More of my cosplay: Aranel Cosplay 


Aranel as Poison Ivy. http://eternal0aranel.tumblr.com/

Some awesome photos of my Dr. Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley cosplay take by a super lovely lady <3
I wanted to try and catch the moment where she transformed :) (also it was just far too hot to body paint up!)

More of my cosplay: Aranel Cosplay 

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Cosplay for Glasgow Comic-con!

Dr Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley Progress! I am really digging this as it lets me combine my cosplay and my science together (I work in a research lab FYI)
Please excuse my very ill make-up-less face ><
I might or might not “green up” Its ridiculously hot in Scotland atm….I might melt.  Also I am judging the cosplay competition so I’d rather be comfy :)

~Aranel Cosplay < for more :) Including the Kotobukiya Bishoujo figure version of Ivy I cosplayed last year :)

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Ruby wig and makeup tester :D

Pretty excited to do this! Giant ridiculous weapons ftw0

Check out my page for progress and finished photos (SOoooooooooooon

~Aranel Cosplay

More from my Genderbent Mario group :D  f
Mario is my best friend Rose <3
Prince Peach is  Angel_of_Algebra
Luigi is me : Aranel Cosplay
Photos by : Sonesh Joshi Photography
I made both the dresses from scratch :)


Liliana is me : Aranel Cosplay
Photos by : Sonesh Joshi Photography

Cosplay made and modeled by me :) Alot of work went into this but it was a dream <3
I’ve put photos up here I haven’t put on my cosplay page yet because I love the MTG Tumblr community <3