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Links below for specific goodness :D

My cosplay <3

Magic The Gathering <3

My Photography <3

Some teasers from an awesome Liliana shoot I had!
Look out for more soon ;)

Liliana of the Veil cosplay made and modeled by me (Aranel Cosplay)
hotos by the ever awesome Mark Keenan Photography

Hey guys been a while ;)
Thought I’d share some awesome new photos of my female Jace!

Cosplayer: Aranel Cosplay
osplay: Jace Beleren (Rule 63)
Magic The Gathering
Photos by: The Kirky Studio

Costume made by me! With the help of some amazing artists on tumblr (http://makimonstrous.tumblr.com/ and http://polishtamales.tumblr.com/) I got ideas for a design and then I created this costume!
Tribute to my fav Planeswalker <3

We were trying to imitate the original Lorwyn card art by the talented Aleksi Briclot, and in the last picture you can see me with my Jace collection. I might do an update entry of my Planeswalker collection soon!

See more pictures (and more cosplays) please check out my Facebook page:
Aranel Cosplay

Some sexy mtg goodies.  I miss the oldschool dual art fatpacks.


Liliana is me : Aranel Cosplay
Photos by : Sonesh Joshi Photography

Cosplay made and modeled by me :) Alot of work went into this but it was a dream <3
I’ve put photos up here I haven’t put on my cosplay page yet because I love the MTG Tumblr community <3

Female Jace Beleren - Magic the Gathering

I adore Jace. He is fantastic, design and character. I had to cosplay him somehow! 

Design inspired by the wonderful art of makimonstrous and polishtamales

Cosplayer: eternal0aranel

high resolution →


Hi! I have been meaning to do this for  while! Today I finally found the time to muck about XD 
These are my favourite cards from Magic the Gathering :D

Liu Bei, Lord of Shu,  Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed and  Sun Quan, Lord of Wu.
All 3 are from Portal 3 Kingdoms, which is my fav set <3 

Unfortunately I wasn’t playing Magic at the time this set was released *sad face* I started playing during Alara, after watching some friends play.

I was originally attracted by the art, especially on some of the Knight cards. So I set out on a mission to try and collect as many cards with art depicting horses/horse like creatures (Knights, unicorns, centuars etc…) (Yes….very girly….shoot me)
This led me to find out about P3K and about Horsemanship.
Now I adore the Romance of the Three Kingdoms stories, I can’t explain it….there is just something wonderfully magical about them. So obviously I jumped on this set!
I’m trying to get all the named characters as well as any card saying “Horsemanship”.
These 3 guys are my absolute fav due to their boss nature (Except Wei…I have Cao Cao, but Xiahou Dun is just infinitely more badass looking and a better card XD) I’m missing Lu Bu atm which saddens me, hopefully I can find a copy somewhere to complete the “Bosses”! Also trying to build an EDH deck around horsemanship, with some other sillies thrown in.

I am so sorry for my face. I just finished watching Legend of Korra…hence this is my Korra impression XD

Hey Tumblr! 
I’d like to show you something that is very close to my heart :D

This is part of my Magic: The Gathering collection.
Every single printed Planeswalker (to date) and all their art variations. (about 50% of which are foil)
I’ve been playing Magic for 5 years and I adore it. I love the game, the world, the story, the flavour and most of all the art. I am a super casual player, mostly just collecting and EDH :) 
I have other collections on, but this probably my favourite (followed closely by the Portal 3 Kingdoms one that is on the go~)
Also me at the end with my fav girl, signed by the most awesome man, Steve Argyle, himself. I am hoping to cosplay her soon! <3
(I don’t usually post photos of myself not in cosplay XD derp)